Is Exprecious Something for You?

Every major life event, every big change you face or will face, comes with its fair share of anxiety, stress, feeling of loss or confusion. Changes don’t always come from the outside; some big inner changes can be very confusing too.  Are you trying to figure out a new direction after a painful experience?  Maybe you’re managing family or personal crises. Whether you live with anxiety or loneliness, or you are going through something but cannot pinpoint what is going on, you’ll be able to connect with your inner self again. Exprecious uses a holistic approach of working with action methods combined with tapping into your unconscious mind using dream work.

New Immigrants

Have you made Aliyah or moved to Israel quite recently? I don’t have to explain how confusing this can be. Exprecious can help you deal with cultural barriers and distance, adjustment issues, grief, loneliness and work insecurities.  When you make a big physical move, it also affects your “internal moves”.  Addressing these obstacles in group with people who are dealing with the same feelings is soothing and enhances the process of moving on and succeeding in your new home.

Relationships & Domestic Issues

You may feel some relationship distress with your partner.  Several dysfunctional patterns may arise in couples, coming from poor communication skills and going to verbal or physical violence. You may just find out that you and your partner are going through some changes that you don’t understand. Maybe you have some trouble with raising your kids or wonder how to establish a meaningful relationship with your teenagers?  Sometimes it happens that we lose ourselves in parenthood and question our identity. Exprecious can help you channel your feelings and open a path to clarity.

exprecious approach

The goal is to let you express your worries in a trusted environment using creative ways of expression. This leads to a process of self-discovery and self-acceptance.


Have you been through a traumatic experience? Violence? Guilt? Abandonment? Divorce? Trauma can leave you struggling with upsetting emotions, memories, and anxiety that won’t go away.  It can also make you feel disconnected, feelings of numbness may arise and trust may become an issue. Exprecious has a lot of experience with issues related to traumatic events. By using specific techniques, these feelings will slowly make place for acceptance. Coping becomes more bearable. It is a long process that mainly concentrates on acceptance and resilience.

Personal Growth

Are you seeking to grow even though you’re not going through a specific painful issue? This process is called ‘promoting self-growth’ and is an important aspect of Exprecious. For example, Dream Therapy is a major tool for self-growth.

We enable self-exploration and personal growth by getting to know yourself better, embracing all your inner parts, balancing your male and female energies by integrating new tools for growing.