Still Hesitating?

Starting therapy is never easy. It requires courage and the effort to work on and with yourself. Exprecious will open up a world self-knowledge and give you tools to be happier with your body, mind and the people around you.


Most frequent questions and answers

Group therapy may sound frightening at first, but the power of the group is exceptional because all the participants are used as mirrors to each other, which is a very important healing factor.  We will mainly explore interpersonal relationships within the group because the way we act in a small group is the basis of our attitudes outside of this group.  This means that through the reactions of other participants in you’ll be able to recognize unhealthy patterns you may have developed over the years.

Expressive Art Therapy and action methods are creative exercises that don’t require any artistic knowledge or background. They evolve according to your individual progress. Each of the different means of expression, materials, colours, shapes, sounds, rhythms and the movements have their own particular effect on your body and soul and they heal in a therapeutic way.

All sessions happen in a non-threatening, non-judgmental way to explore and experience problem solving.  Everyone is there for the same reason as you are, to learn about themselves. Focus on the experience as for your benefit only, regardless of the others’ idea or opinion. When you do this, you will find your flow and be yourself completely.

A part of the dream work focusses on training yourself to remember your dreams. It’s a matter of shifting focus. Many participants come back to the second session with a list of dreams they never thought they had.