"Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain"

-Carl Jung

The Art of Dreaming
Theatre, Groups & Workshops

The Art of Dreaming offers 4 different concepts. Three of them are group related and the last one consists of individual dream sessions. The concepts are Dream Workshop, Dream Groups, Dream Theatre and Dream Therapy. 
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Action Methods Psychoherapy

Action Methods is the act of ‘doing’ in psychotherapy. In a very dynamic setting we use expression not only with words, but also through other means of communication. Psychodrama and Expressive Arts Therapy are two concepts Exprecious uses in Action Methods Therapy.


one-on-one sessions

We usually start with one session to get to know each other and define your therapy goals. This is a conversational session, but the use of more creative techniques is possible. After this first meeting, we determine your most appropriate journey to growth. Action Methods Therapy is, as its name suggests, therapeutic. It’s all about the process.  There are no artistic standards and no experience is required.

The Power of the group

Group therapy is Exprecious’ biggest strength. It might sound uncomfortable to open up in a group of strangers, but the power of the group is exceptional. Participants are mirrors for each other, which enables the understanding of your own behavior.  The process mainly focusses on relationships and the opportunity to improve them. Group therapy is very effective because the way we act inside the group is a reflection of our daily behavior in real life. It enlarges your awareness about difficulties you might have within your relationships. This allows you to get to know yourself better and to understand certain behavioral patterns you have used for a long time. You will be more open for a personal transformation towards yourself and others.

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mental health centres

Exprecious also offers various workshops and therapy to the educational and social sector. If you are part of or working with schools, mental health and residential centres for youth and seniors, then I make one-day workshops as well as long term therapies depending on the needs. Exprecious has experience in the field of addiction, prison rehabilitation and shelters.

Corporate world & team building

Are you looking for a creative team building? Does your team require some extra focus? Maybe you want to do something extraordinary for your yearly “Yom Kef”? Why not empower your team with a workshop on burn-out, mental pressure, career development or crisis situations?

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