“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

-Thomas Merton, writer, theologian, mystic, poet & social activist.

When words fall short to express and understand deep feelings, Exprecious offers techniques that will help you feel clear and process what is happening. Through action methods, expressive arts and dream analysis you will acquire a better connection with your authentic self. Exprecious combines ‘precious’ and ‘expression’ and stands for the precious importance of finding your way of expression.

The Art of Dreaming

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Dreams are like the story of the universe. Sometimes planets are facing the sun, sometimes they remain in complete darkness. Just like light and darkness relate to each other, dreams relate to us. Working with our dreams gives us the opportunity to dig into our inner shadow parts, accept them and stop being afraid of them. Dreams carry essential elements of our existence. Understanding their meaning means understanding ourselves deeper, which promotes personal growth. “The Art of Dreaming” will help you recognise and understand the symbols and codes our unconscious mind uses. The Art of Dreaming offers 4 different concepts. Three of them are group related and the last one consists of individual dream sessions. We offer Dream Workshops, Dream Groups, Dream Theatre and Dream Therapy.

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Action methods in therapy simply means ‘therapy using action’. In a very dynamic setting we use expression, not only with words, but also through other means of communication. Words are not always enough. Expressing yourself through doing leads to self-exploration and growth. The action methods enhances dynamic interactions with others and is efficient in individual therapy. During Action Methods therapy we experiment with interactive skills in a safe environment. This means physical movement, expressive arts, psychodrama and therapeutic exercises. We discover new ways of looking at problems and find solutions. Exprecious offers Action Methods therapy as Psychodrama, Expressive Arts Therapy and therapeutic exercises.

Action methods exprecious

What Exprecious offers


Dream Therapy and Action Method sessions in group enhance empathy, interpersonal and social skills. It installs hope, cohesion and altruism.


After defining therapy goals, we use adjusted action techniques in order for you to feel at ease during the sessions.


One-day workshops as well as long term therapy for and in collaboration with schools, mental health and residential centres for youth and seniors. Exprecious has experience in the field of addiction, prison rehabilitation and shelters.


We come to your office for workshops on burn-out, mental pressure, career development and crisis situations in high-tech, low-tech or any other industry.

Is Exprecious Something for You?

Are you going through a big change or maybe a crisis? Perhaps you suffer from loneliness or anxiety? Are you looking for something more? Are you not happy with some of your behavior patterns? Maybe you are just seeking personal growth or a combination of many of these? If so, then Exprecious might be for you.  With the variety of tools and action methods Exprecious offers, you’ll start to understand what goes on in your inner world. Through different models of expression, creativity and spontaneity, you will have the opportunity to be confronted with the real you. You’ll accept and embrace all your inner parts, which allows transformation. No artistic background or knowledge is required. It is not about the end product or the result. It’s all about the process, the journey.

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About Valerie Popowski

About Valerie

My interest in expressive arts started at a very young age spending a lot of time with my deaf grandparents in Antwerp, Belgium. Using not only sign language, but also facial expression and body language, I developed a very creative way of expressing myself. Growing up, my grandparents taught me a unique approach to the world and, unknowingly, planted the seed of my professional and personal life.

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“I really liked it.
At the beginning I didn’t want to be in a therapy and then when I started this therapy I saw how much it helps.
It’s really fun and helpful.
Now I’m feeling really better.
It took maybe a year but it was worth it!!”
J.S.One-to-one expressive arts therapy combined with psychodrama
הכרתי את ולרי לפני 3 שנים.”
ולרי מטפלת שלי ושל הבת שלי (אליאן)
מאז שולרי נכנסה לחיינו החיים שלנו השתנו.
ולרי היא מלאך שנשלח לחיים שלי ושל אליאן.
היא מטפלת מדהימה, קשובה, אכפתית, מאמינה שכל אחד ואחד ראוי להערצה והערכה.
אני מודה לולרי ובמיוחד תודה ענקית לבורא עולם ששלח לי אותך…(מלאך שומר שלי
Hodaya AzulayOne-to-one therapy & Dyadic therapy (mother and daughter)
“My goals have been reached. What was really significant for me is realizing how therapeutic dream analysis is.
I had a positive feeling about working in a group setting; it was useful and thoughtful and I felt the support.
The topic that most resonated with me is how through our dreams we get closer to our authentic Self.”
Britt SevittDream workshop
“I have been able to frame dreams that plagued me for years in a practical way for self growth.
What was most significant for me is the basic idea that the dream is solely a projection of me. It demystified the entire experience.
The group setting has has a positive influence on me by hearing what others say about my dreams and by having the chance to refect on others dreams and sharpen the process.”
Jonathan RavenDream Workshop
“After this workshop, I moved towards a different goal by understanding dream concepts more.
The topics that resonated with me the most was the concept of anima/anumus.”
Henry David AbouafDream Workshop
“My goals have been reached, I have learned how to analyse my dreams.
What was most significant to me were the exercises and the group analysis.
Working in a group format was most helpful.
I loved the group energy, interaction and support the group had.
I really liked exploring the Ullman method.”
Yelena AbouafDream Workshop
אני מרגישה שהתקדמתי לקראת המטרה. רציתי לקבל דרך לפענח את החלומות שלי ולקבל כלים על מה התת מודע מנסה להגיד לי. כל הכלים היו משמעותיים עבורי. לקבוצה הייתה השפעה חיובית עלי. היה לי נחמד לראות אנשים משתפים, זה נתן לי עוד רעיונות על איך אנשים חושבים.
התקדמתי משמעותית למטרה שלי ע״י קבלת כלים לניתוח החלומות. הסדנא נתנה לי להבין את עצמי יותר טוב ואולי לשפר את עצמי להעלות דברים מהתת מודע למודע. הקבוצה עזרה לי לפתוח דברים במפגשים. כל השיעורים הדהדו לי כיוון שהיו בנויים בצורה נכונה ומאורגן.
.חגית א

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